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Twenty-first century schools face significant challenges. Whether the need is financial, programmatic, or administrative, there comes a time when experienced, objective, and understanding counsel can work with you to create a wise path forward. Many schools have benefitted from working with Jim Adare to strengthen vital areas of their schools.

Services provided to quality independent schools include:

  • Head of School and administrative searches
  • Capital campaign counsel
  • Growing the annual fund
  • Strategic planning
  • State of the School assessment
  • Executive coaching for school heads and board chairs
  • Board workshops
  • Evaluating and improving the quality of teaching and learning
  • Teaching in the Harkness method
  • The prefect program as a powerful approach to student leadership
  • Enrollment management and marketing

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“Jim Adare is the complete consultant. He understands the full range of school issues, he has been both inside and outside…

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Independent schools across the United States and abroad have experienced financial growth and enhancement of their programs through the services provided by Jim. These include…

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About Jim Adare

Jim has 38 years experience in education as teacher, coach, headmaster, and consultant…

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Equestrian education

We are also involved in equestrian education…

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