What clients have to say about Jim Adare:

“Jim Adare is the complete consultant. He understands the full range of school issues, he has been both inside and outside, he can speak truthfully to employees as well as to boards. Jim has the skills and the vision to help a school reach its next level of mission-focused success.”

Dr. Charlie Phillips
Senior Analyst and National Program Officer The Maclellan Foundation, Inc.

“It has not only been a privilege but a rich experience working with Jim Adare. His wisdom and expertise have made a monumental impact on our school. His ability to diagnose the areas of needed improvement along with providing treatment plans to resolve the issues are some of his greatest assets. I give Jim Adare my highest recommendation knowing that the work he has done with Second Baptist School has been most valuable to our success. Thank you Jim for not only equipping our school for the 21st century but also for supporting me in the great responsibility of leading. ”

Dr. Jeff Williams, Headmaster
Second Baptist School
Houston, TX

“Jim Adare’s educational leadership proved invaluable in our Humanities departments’ recent transition to a student-centered, discussion-based method of instruction. His words of encouragement and constructive critique have enabled me to create a classroom environment in which students take ownership of their own learning and work cooperatively and respectfully to share knowledge. As a veteran teacher, I know that Jim’s expertise and wise counsel have not only benefited me, but also my students, who now possess the skills for lifelong learning. ”

Deborah Patt, English Teacher
South Shore Christian Academy
Weymouth, MA

“Jim Adare is providing sound counsel to The Christ School in the areas of strategic planning, advancement, and board development. I met Jim following a nation-wide search to obtain counsel to assist the board and me with leading our school to greatness in Christian Schooling. Jim’s rich career experiences in high quality, independent Christian Schools combined with his ability to work with board members and administrators has provided the exact resource I was seeking. One of the best investments I have made for our school is engaging Jim’s professional services.”

Dr. Jason Powell, Head of School
The Christ School
Orlando, Florida

“Working with Jim Adare has been a highlight of my professional career. As a first-class educator, Jim is extremely thorough and discerning. His experiences are invaluable for any institution moving from good to great. He challenges educators to be reflective and motivates everyone to make an impact. He has modeled leadership well.”

Dr. Brett Jacobsen, Head of School
Mt. Vernon Presbyterian School
Atlanta, GA

“Jim Adare is a good man…one of the most knowledgeable about school-related matters I know…a person of integrity, too, so you can trust him.”

J. Michael Beidel,
Former Head of School
Trinity Christian Academy
Dallas, Texas

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